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Pacific Place is set to become the notions benchmark development. Boasting modern architecture with excellent access, Pacific Place will be the foremost destination for shopping and lifestyle. Pacific Place offers new and exciting development which comprises upscale shopping center, luxurious apartments, office tower, 5-star boutique hotel and 5-star serviced apartments. In addition to that, a grand multifunction hall which can cater fo opera, concert, live performance and social events. With such wealth of irresistable of attractions and choices, Pacific Place will be the answer for those who demand elegance, luxury, romance and a place with difference. ** Office Hour Monday � Friday : 08.00 AM � 05.00 PM Saturday : 08.00 AM � 01.00 PM ** Building Completion : ** Numbers of Floors: � 38 levels of tenancy floor � 4 levels of basement ** Typical Floor Size: tba ** Total Semi Gross Area : tba ** Ceiling Height: 2.70 m ** Lift � 5 Passenger � 1 Service � 2 Car Park ** For office availability and further information please contact us : +62 21 2520414